About Us

Five decades of growth and uncompromising excellence

When the original Visser Brothers—Dale, Bruce and Jack—started our company in 1960, they knew the reputation we eventually developed would depend on two things: our workmanship and our integrity. In the half-century since those early days, our organizational commitment to the very highest standards of both has never wavered. 

Excellence on project after project

In a successful construction project, there is no such thing as luck. When things go as 
they’re supposed to go, it’s because all the steps—from small to large—were planned, 
managed and executed correctly. From planning and design, through site work and 
finish carpentry, the experienced Visser Brothers team of dedicated project professionals 
knows how to plan for smooth sequencing, anticipate and avoid problems, prepare for 
unforeseen contingencies, and maintain the construction process on-schedule and on-budget. 

Professional skills, professional pride

What this means for our clients is a worry-free project that’s managed and 
executed by experienced construction professionals whose concern for 
high-quality work and timeliness is at least as great as their own.