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Why Visser

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First, We Build Relationships.

At Visser Brothers, we strive to maintain a spirit of cooperation and teamwork on our projects, at the jobsite, in our communications, at meetings - everywhere - based on mutual respect and the collective pursuit of our common goal. We maintain strong relationships through transparency, honesty, and the quality of our people and our process. Our core values are the foundation of our success throughout West Michigan since 1960. We maintain our founders' commitment to integrity, collaboration, quality, and value.

Our Process - Decidedly Different

Construction Can Be Complicated

Construction is a complicated process. It involves dozens of companies, hundreds of people, thousands of decisions, and tens of thousands of parts all coming together in just the right order, under the right conditions, and in their proper places to create a successful end product.

At other firms, that much coordination can devolve into a contentious environment and blame-game, with the project paying the price in the form of delays, compromised quality, and cost overruns.

A Smooth Project Is No Accident

In a successful construction project, there is no such thing as luck. When things go right, it’s because all the steps—from small to large—were planned, managed and executed correctly. From planning and design, through site work and finish carpentry, the experienced Visser Brothers team of dedicated project professionals knows how to plan for smooth sequencing, anticipate and avoid problems, prepare for unforeseen contingencies, and maintain the construction process on-schedule and on-budget. Our management style fosters teamwork and creative problem-solving with clear channels of communication. The result of proactive project management is a higher quality, timely, on-budget project. The relationships we build with our clients and our trades form the central part of our success, as evidenced by the longevity of these relationships and repeat business.

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