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Northpointe Bank – Operations Center

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Northpointe Bank – Operations Center

March 29th, 2021 by Visser Brothers Admin

Visser Brothers joined Ghafari and Northpointe Bank to transform the former Cascade Commons building, a former design showcase center & nearly vacant 91,000 square foot big box, into Northpointe Bank’s New Operations Center in Grand Rapids.

“Ghafari designed an immersive interior and exterior user experience that balances diverse workstyles and high-tech meeting spaces with engaging and expansive social spaces.”

“… a key success story of the project was the early introduction of the General Contractor, Visser Brothers Inc. (Visser). Visser was also the contractor for the original Cascade Commons facility, offering a wealth of history and understanding of the original Cascade Commons design and construction methods. Visser’s budgeting and management expertise provided the overall teams’ home base in navigating a very successful project through the entirety of 2020.”

Read more about this Visser Brothers build here: